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Peter explores the nexus of theater, music, interaction design, cognition, and storytelling. He works as an independent contractor, delivering his unique expertise in performance design and technologies to a broad range of clients in theatre, the arts, and music. Drawing on his experience with film and video production, computer science, theatrical lighting, and scenic design, he creates systems for interactive media, arts, and performance. He addresses both the technological and control infrastructure needs of complex works and the design of visual and experiential languages for each piece through his research into translating expressive representations across modalities.

Peter received his doctorate from the MIT Media Lab, where he has collaborated with international and interdisciplinary teams in the design and implementation of groundbreaking works that focus on new modes of representing expression (Death and the Powers, 2010), massive collaborations (A Toronto Symphony, 2013), and new models of presence in live performance (Remote Theatrical Immersion: Sleep No More, 2012; Powers Live, 2014). He recently developed Media Scores, a framework for composing multimodal artworks and experiences. Peter is passionate about integrating new technologies into live performance in meaningful and essential ways in order to enhance the expressive power and immersive resonance of storytelling media.