the scion::visual effects

Roy Wageman's THE SCION

Peter Torpey served as Visual Effects Artist for the production. His responsibilities included working with the Director, Director of Photography, and Art Director on design during pre-production. On set, Peter assured that lighting and cinematography were appropriate for planned effects. In post-production, Peter completed over 80 visual effects shots for the 28 minute production including virtual sets, digital matte paintings, 2D and 3D effects elements, match moving, compositing, crowd duplication, day-for-night, color correction and grading.

Written and Directed by
Roy Wageman
Director of Photography
Eugene Adams
Visual Effects Artist
Peter Torpey
Musical Score
Jamie Keesecker
Sound Design
Lisa Fowle
Art Direction and Lyrics
Emily Ralph
Carl Case
Emily Ralph
Adam Shipman
Katy Gierlach
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